jueves, noviembre 15, 2012

32nd World Armsport Federation Championship

Nuestros amigos y compañeros del Club Lancia de Lucha de Brazos, nos informan de que durante los próximos días 22, 23, 24, 25 y 26 de Noviembre va a celebrarse en Mansilla de las Mulas el 32 Campeonato de la Federación Mundial de Pulsos y nos envían el programa del mismo: 

Mansilla de las Mulas, is a town of 2,000 residents, in its old area surrounded by a large wall with a perimeter of 1000 meters. In this town you can visit the magnificent Ethnographic Museum Provincial, with over 3500 square meters and containing a large museum. In addition Mansilla de las Mulas is only 15 km. de Leon, and is well connected by road with buses and taxis. (Only 20 minutes).


November 22nd, Thursday
  • Teams Arrival at Mansilla de las Mulas (León) – Spain.
  • Teams will be received at the Bus Station of Mansilla de las Mulas to take them to HOTELS.
  • Referees Seminar from 18:00 PM to 20:00 PM.
  • Continental Meeting of Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania, (Hall of Museum) from 19:00 PM to 20:00 PM
  • WAF Congress Meeting From 20:00 PM to 21:00 PM and elections to the Executive Committee of WAF (Presiden, Vicepresident senior, 3 Vicepresidents, General Secretary, Vocal of Referees, Vocal of Africa, Vocal of America, Vocal of Asia, Vocal of Europe and Vocal of Oceania).

November 23rd, Friday
  • Team registration, collection of Country Affiliation Fees and Competitors entry fees by WAF & Weigh-ins from 09:00 AM to 13:00 PM.
  • 16:00 PM Start de World Championship. (Junior, Master and Disabled)
  • Disabled Men Right Hand and Left Hand – Open (but, with World Titles if the competitors are of different weights.)
  • Disabled Women Right Hand and Left Hand – Open (but, with World Titles if the competitors are of different weights.)
  • Master Men Right Hand and Left Hand: -78kg, -86kg., +86kg.
  • Master Women Right Hand and Left Hand: -65kg, +65kg.
  • Junior Boys Right Hand and Left Hand: -57kg, -63kg, -70kg, -78kg, -86kg, +86kg
  • Junior Girls Right Hand and Left Hand: -49kg, -54kg, -60kg, -67kg.,+67kg.
  • Prize Distribution

November 24th, Saturday

OPENING CEREMONY, starts at 10:00 AM. All National Team Captains are requested to make their individual Team members assemble in front of the Championship Pavilion Sport, with their National Flag & proper dress as per WAF Dress Code for Competitors, Referees and Officials. Soon after Completion of Opening Ceremony, Championship Starts.

  • President's speech.
  • General Secretary’s speech.
  • León Traditional Music.
  • Spanish Traditional Music.
  • Wrestling Traditional of León.
  • Audiovisual of Armsport.
  • New President’s speech.
  • All day with to Celebrites Dj's
Competition: from 11:00 AM to 14:00 PM and from 16:00 PM to 20:00 PM.
  • Senior Men Right Hand: -52kg., -57kg., -63kg., -70kg., -78kg., -86kg., -95kg., -105kg., -117kg., +117kg. (New categories)
  • Senior Women Right Hand: -49kg, -54kg, -60kg, -67kg, -75kg, -83kg, +83kg.
  • Prize Distribution

November 25th, Sunday

Competition: from 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM.
  • Senior Men Left Hand: -52kg., -57kg., -63kg., -70kg., -78kg., -86kg., -95kg., -105kg., -117kg., +117kg. (New categories)
  • Senior Women Left Hand: -49kg, -54kg, -60kg, -67kg, -75kg, -83kg, +83kg.
  • Prize Distribution and Closing Ceremony
21:00 PM Armsport Party (invitations will be delivered during the championship)

November 26th, Monday
Teams Departure.

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